Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Windy City + Flirty Sundress = Thank God for Bike Shorts!

The Opposite of how I Looked!
So yesterday I was feeling a little cheeky, the weather was perfect, I was wearing a new flirty sun dress, my hair is newly dyed and looked amazing.  Now anyone that knows me will quickly tell you that I'm more often neurotic than overly confident, but when the planets align properly you just have one of those days and you can't help but walk with a spring in your step and a bounce in your curls.  So I decided that during my lunch hour I would go out and enjoy the weather, watch some tourists, and generally bounce around being all that and a bag of reasonably priced chips.  With my big sunnies on I stepped out onto Michigan Avenue with a very Mary Tyler Moore attitude and with perfect timing Mother Nature decided to show me just how sarcastic she can be by blowing my fabulously flirty new sun dress up around my ears! was not a coy Marilyn moment, it was more Lucille Ball.  Frantically I turned in circles while batting and grabbing at my errant dress desperately trying to bring it back to knee level, all the while thanking the heavens that I had the forethought this morning to wear bike shorts therefore saving all the innocent tourists from their very first flasher moment.  Once my dress was back under control and my dignity was clutched fervently to the side of my leg I continued, albeit with a little less bounce, to enjoy the remainder of my lunch break.  Of course by then the wind that caused my frantic dress dance was no longer blowing,  Mother Nature was too busy gasping and clutching her side laughing.  Once clear of witnesses the bounce returned to my step because one is so resilient when having a great hair day!