Monday, May 7, 2012

Removing my Butt from the Couch!

Recently I watched youtuber ShayCarl's recent ShayLoss video "Eating your Weight Loss Questions".  Shay is an incredibly popular youtuber who recently lost 100 pounds and ran two marathons.  Suffice it to say I was tremendously inspired to get on my feet and make it happen and get fit!  

Before I broke my hand I was doing a pretty good job working out at the gym and doing weight training, taking vitamins (Shaklee, which I can't say enough good things about...I'll do a post in the future about this story) to help with fatigue and joint pain, and eating better.  Banned from doing any weight training my butt began once again to imprint itself on my couch...PJs, cats, pillows, and Netflix streaming are an addictive combination.  Listening to Shay telling us to just commit to doing something for 7 days...just 7 days...just move.  I thought I could do that!  So I downloaded the "Couch to 5K" app and started today...Week 1 Day 1 (ACK!).  

I made that seem so easy didn't I...well let me share with you how it really started this morning!  I optimistically set my alarm clock for 6am.  Snort...followed by an eye roll, have I never met myself?  For me getting up early is reserved for emergencies and airport departures.  Soooo...early morning runs are out.  While at work I decided to tell a few friends that I was planning on doing this, that way it would be a little harder to back out by 5pm rolled around.  Of course in the hours leading up to 5pm I continually found excuses for why I couldn't run.  With the support of some great friends continually cheering me on and telling me how great I would feel afterwards I finally geared up and headed out.

With a uncertain spring in my step I started off. Five minute warm-up walk...pfft, easy.  I jaunted past beautiful brownstones on a leafy tree lined boulevard and as time past the RUN loomed ever before me...step after step I grew more nervous.  Then the robot in my pocket (we'll just call her Doom) informed me it was time to run...GULP.  Through the winding path of the small park I ran...huh, I didn't keel over, I didn't spontaneously combust,  no one stopped to laugh, it was alright.  So for the next 10 mins I walked for 90 seconds and ran for 60.  Things were just dandy, that is until I reached the halfway mark!  From that point on every time the voice of Doom told me it was now time to run I wanted to simultaneously scream/cry/sit/tantrum...but I did, mentally complaining the entire  60 never ending seconds.  Then a miraculous thing happened...Doom told me to begin my cool down walk!  With a big smile on my face I listened to Doom's dulcet tones as she walked me home telling me I had done it and going over my stats! 
Total Distance: 1.87 miles
Overall Pace:  15:14

Wow...I cannot believe I did it!  :D  Now the big question is...can I do it again tomorrow?!  

Lessons Learned: 
-Don't wear shoes that give you blisters...or at least band-aid up beforehand!   
-Learn how to use the music player before starting your running app
-Perhaps look other runners in the eye when they pass by...heck your one of them now!


  1. You go girl! I'm proud of you <3

  2. Amazingness!!! I also recently started getting back on the health bandwagon ;) We can do it~~~

  3. Well done! I really need to start getting active again for summer, I think I'll start tomorrow! :-) xxxxx

    1. Yay! You can do it! Oddly enough I hate exercising upon until the moment I'm done and then it feels good. lol I hear that changes after a while...not sure I believe that but I'll stick around to find out!