Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tip for Creating Great Quick Victory Rolls

Since I've started wearing retro hairstyles the one look I could not get perfect was the victory roll, I got really close but there was always something a little off about it.  I couldn't give up on my search for rollfection (yeah that's right, I just mashed up roll and perfection and made my own word) especially since this was a 1940s look I have adored for so long now.  Look at the gorgeousness of Miss. Betty Grable and her luxurious locks with those perfect victory rolls, rollfection!  So I did what any smart, at the end of her rope, girl would do...I enlisted the help of a friend!

I sat my friend Caroline down in front of a youtube video and said "Please watch this and tell me what the he*l I'm doing wrong".  Her being fabulous and all she did just that.  Once done she turned to me and said "It needs to be more..." and made a swooping gesture with her fingers.  To which I replied, "Oh, you mean this...", making my own erratic finger motions.  Then for a minute or so more we continued to talk in half sentences and hand movements before "Eureka!" I had it!  (Note to readers:  have you ever noticed that with certain people you have a bizarre language that is unique to the two of you, but must sound and look crazy to outsiders)  Let me share with you my discovery which led to me being able to create rollfection with my victory rolls.  (If you're not sure how to even start a victory roll I suggest the following youtube video by the fabulous Lisa Freemont Street: )

  1. Back:  when you have hold of the section you are going to "roll" pull it towards the back of your head with a slight upward angle and roll towards your face
  2. Finger:  when the roll reaches your scalp place your pointer finger inside the roll, finger pointing to the ceiling
  3. Twist:  with your finger still inside the roll twist your finger so it's pointing to your forehead with a slight upward angle, and pin in place
  4. Just remember Back-Finger-Twist and you'll achieve rollfection as well!
(I'll post pictures of the process in the near future for those of you that are more visual...update, posted the above video instead)

Here's a couple pictures of my finished product, please be kind I took these with my camera phone at work (during a break since I would never do something so personal on work time...giggle).  You can see I've had my own fun with the victory roll and added a bit of a pin curl on my forehead.  That's what I love about the vintage styles, you can really play with them and make them your own.

Have a stupendous Sunday!

Coming Monday:  Undecided at this time, maybe a make-up review since I bought some great pencil liner (for that great retro winged eye look) and some red lipstick; or perhaps I'll answer the unasked question of "Why is your blog named Thin Invisible Steel?  It's a mystery folks, but one I'll solve for you tomorrow!

Can't wait until Monday for more?  Then check out my Weekly Blog:  Veggie Girl Eats Out for reviews on restaurants and how vegetarian friendly they are.  Click here to access that blog:

What's been your experience with Victory Rolls?  Have an opinion on what tomorrow's blog should be about?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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