Monday, February 28, 2011

Jumpin' Jehosaphat I'm on YouTube!

I'm a written word girl...I like pen and paper, I love the texture of books, and darn it if I don't like sending letters through the post, but today I found myself  filming and posting my very first YouTube video.  I decided today that it would be easiest to demonstrate the Back-Finger-Twist method for victory rolls by posting a video rather than a series of photos.  I didn't realize how ambitious this plan would be until I remembered I didn't have any video editing software and would have to run it all in one take...gulp!  Since I've done corporate trainings for years I figured it was do-able.  What follows is a brief description of what went on behind the scenes, the hilarity that ensued, and the world premiere of my first video!

To set the scene for you:  I hauled in my big bendy lamp for "studio lighting" and since I have no idea where my tripod scuttled off to I used a combination of a overly large ladder, jewelry box, and digital camera...all used to prop up my droid phone.  Yes, you heard that correctly...I did not use my camera (with video capabilities) to record the video, I used it to prop (in my defense the phone takes better video).  All set-up I was ready to start recording...

Take one:  talking, talking...wait where's my brush.  Walk into the other room with camera running all the while asking myself..."who leaves a brush in the kitchen, that was...mumble, mumble".
Take two:  wow, this is going good...wait, why am I suddenly talking in a Southern accent?
Take three:  hey, this one is really good...I think this is it.  REALLY!!!...I recorded myself sideways...who DOES THAT!
Take four:  I trip over the ladder after turning the recording on
Take five:  did I really just record the whole thing with my head cut off
Take 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11....
Take 20:  By George I think I've done it!!!!  

And here it is, the world premiere of Victory Roll Rollfection!
Have a splendid day!

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  1. What? No, says splendid! :D Thanks for letting me know!