Sunday, March 13, 2011

Attempt #1 at the Happy Pompadour

A Closer Look at the Happy Pompadour
Weekends are made for trying out new hairstyles!  Since I knew I'd be spending Saturday with friends I decided to try a very 40's genius mind knew I would get honest feedback on how well I did and if I could "pull it off".  So Friday night I casually flipped through my favorite hairstyling book, Vintage Hairstyling, to find just the right "do".  I decided to go with the book's cover look...the happy pompadour, it looks so fun and sassy I just had to try it!  This is such a fabulous book and I really want to support the author so I'm not going to walk through how I did the hairstyle, but I will tell you about the experience and how it turned out! :D  (I've also included an amazon link to the book if you're interested)

It's my "Shoooot" Facial Expression!
So I set my hair and covered it with a hair net...yes I know it's very cafeteria chic, but I can't sleep without wearing one.  I must fight zombies, or disco dance, or spin plates while I sleep because I wake with at least 2 or 3 rollers nearly the hair net has been a hair saver!  The next morning, in true Jennifer fashion, I woke up late so I did not have as much time to spend styling the look as I'd like but I think it worked out OK for my first stab at it.  I'll tell what really bugged this morning is that the hair in back didn't dry all the way (arguh...I think I didn't wait long enough after washing), you can tell by the lack of curls at the ends.

I Just Like This Picture :D
The steps in the book were really clear to follow, the most difficult part was getting the bangs just right.  You can see from the picture that I didn't quite master that yet, but I think it works.  btw...the picture is from much later in the day so I'm happy that the look was able to stand up to my daily activities and Chicago's wind.  The only other thing I'd like to work on with the look is the very top.  You can see the little white flowers on the top of my head...those are used to cover up the rubber band that's up there and I'm not in love with that look.  I think I'm going to try playing with either wrapping some hair around the band or doing a criss-cross with a small section of hair on top.  

One thing that I did play with was throwing in a cute little side pony tail and an extra flower...gotta have fun with it!  I definitely like the look and will try it out again...I think I'll even work it at work!
Not Sure why I Keep Making the Odd Faces?!

What are your weekends made for?  Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.  

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  1. Trying!!?! Girl...I'm rockin' the smize! :D

  2. wow that looks great. Much better than any attempts I have made from that book so far haha :D

  3. @Miss Caitlin Elizabeth
    Thanks! I have to wonder if it turned out as well as it did because I didn't have a lot of time futz with it! :D