Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Je t'adore my new Hat!

Ever since I've started wearing the retro/vintage look I've wanted to find the perfect little hat to go along with the hair (still working on the clothes!).  Well, one day when I was happily reading down the blog trail I stumbled upon The Modern Day Flapper and I noticed all these great hats she was wearing...then...I noticed that she was actually the milliner of these fabulous creations so I immediately surfed over to her Etsy shop Jayjayamore and essentially drooled until payday.  Well, you can bet your last casino chip that when payday rolled around I ordered myself my very first vintage inspired hat, and boy was it difficult to choose which hat I liked best!

While at work, diligently working away, I received a package.  I was so excited thinking it was my new hat, but alas it was just stupid business cards...stupid unwearable non-hat business cards.  As the day drew to a close I realized it was too early to see my hat come through the mail, I had just ordered it on Sunday.  As I completed this thought Brian (my co-worker) walked around the corner with a hat shaped box in his hands and he was headed straight for me! hat had arrived.  It was everything I expected and more.  The look and size was exactly what the website showed and the construction and materials where even better than I expected.  The material was so soft and the embellishments were just perfect.  I could not wait to run home and try it on!

Once home came the difficult decision...should I wear it on the right or left side?  What's great is the hat is really easy to attach (two duckbill clips on the underside), easy to adjust, and very stable...I don't think even a good Chicago wind could whip it off my head.  (it might possibly knock over me before the hat)  Here's some pictures of my new accoutrement, please forgive the hair and was a long day at work.

So what do you think...right or left?  Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.  

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  1. Oh you are not alone in drooling over her creations! You look adorable, that hat is a great suit for you. I prefer to wear small hats, toppers & fascinators on the smaller side of my part, but I think it's just up to what you like :)

  2. Ween says you could wear it on either side depending on your hair style for the day. Or on the opposite side of your part or on the side of your head where the hair is being the most unruly! So either pretty much :)

    Oh and she recommends this dress

    which comes in a large variety of sizes :)

  3. I would like to wear that dress, can you make it for less than 169 slavishly labored over dollars? ;)

  4. @The Yoga Ninja
    Find me a pattern for it and it's yours my lovely!

  5. @Miss Tami Lee
    Thanks Tami! Sounds like we'll have to share a box of tissues to control our mutual hat drooling! :D

  6. @The Yoga Ninja
    Yes, ma'am. I did just that today for work...with my little retro black dress. (the one I visited every old navy for months to find)

  7. @dreigiau
    Ok...Ween is scary good at picking out clothes for people. Of course proving me wrong over my size pouting. :D Now I'm torn...Mom is buying a dress for my birthday and I don't know if I should do this one or the fancy flapper one...decisions, decisions.

  8. yeah life's hard ;) We should plan on going out some night to Late Bar or something, Ween's friend Natalie is really into retro and wears it all the time and she is at LB a lot. While we are on the subject of dressmaking...I need something steampunky...

    As for Ween, maybe she should be a stylist like Rachel Zoe, this banana is... bananas! ;)

  9. Cute hat. It looks lovely on you (either side!)

  10. @Larissa
    Thanks Larissa...I think I will try both sides and see which side makes me feel sassier!