Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exercise Disguised as Sweet, Sweet Dance Moves!

My biggest problem with exercise isn't the moving, the sweating, or even the bouncing.  It's the time!  By the time I've worked a full day, juggled family needs, ran errands, and done general housekeeping there are not many hours left in the day for the things I enjoy doing; like sewing, or writing, or even *gasp* relaxing by watching TV or gaming.  So the idea of using what little is left of my time to bounce around on a stair master is, well, quite frankly...not going to happen, which incidentally is probably why I am not shaped like a lollipop!  Part of my problem is that I can easily be distracted by things I think really need to be done immediately, such as:
  • Examining the nuances of David Tennant's hair, honestly every girls day should contain a little Tennant gazing
  • Going to every drink vendor in World of Warcraft and getting drunk on their beverages  
  • Snake my drains, this would be after googling how exactly one goes about this
  • Reorganizing my walk-in pantry (hummm...that actually really needs to be done)
  • Quizzing myself with random trivia questions (hey, cash cab is now in Chicago...I have to be prepared) 
So as you can see I really need a way to almost trick myself into exercising.  So I sat and pondered the situation for a while...

how about, no...
..........this is a tough one...

It was then I remembered a Wii game a co-worker told me about, Just Dance 2! I thought, "I could do that, I've been know to bust a move, I've done the electric slide...I've even conga'd a time or two!"  The basics are this:  you select from 3 main modes: Just Dance (select your dance and start shaking your groove thing), Dance Battle (play against others or alone in 6 different championship categories), or Just Sweat (select your level of sweat and start moving...I refuse to call it a workout).

Once you've selected your mode you get the fun task of choosing your song and dance.  What's nice is it shows you the level of dance move difficulty and level of sweat so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.  My favorites so far are Monster Mash (easy), Proud Mary (medium) and Bollywood (hard).  I have yet to convince anyone to do the Bollywood duet with me...arguh!  Here's a link to a youtube video on this very duet, just so you can see how fun it would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13OX6lRyZ1k.  After watching that...who's ready to duet it!  

What makes this so easy is that 1.  you don't need a ton of space, 2. you don't need any special gym clothes, 3. no expensive special shoes needed, 4. no dance coordination necessary and 5. you'll be burning calories left and right...what with all the dancing and laughing!  Well I'm off to walk like an Egyptian...or is that dance like an Egyptian! ;-)  

Have a terrific day.

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Have you played Just Dance?  What's your favorite "this is really a workout?" workout?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. and by convince anyone to do the Bollywood with her she means convince Caroline.... ;)

    I'm with you on the Tennant gazing though :D

  2. Since I'm a Taurus I will not give up the Bollywood fight!

  3. Um...hello! If we can party that of course I'm in!

  4. Yay! Perhaps I'll have to bring it with me when I visit and A could bounce along with us.