Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Repo/Inspired Shopping and the Curvy Woman

I cannot wait to rock this lil' number!
Today Ashley over at Lisa Freemont Street posted a great video on shopping online for vintage repro/inspired clothing.  Combine that with some great clothing posts I've seen lately and I felt like the universe was telling me I absolutely had to buy a pretty new dress today.  What I had forgotten was my curvy size was not that compatible with a lot of the vintage clothing out there.  After looking at a few of the sites I started to get a little frustrated at the sizing...and quite frankly a tad bit depressed.  Well, we couldn't have a frustrated and grumpy Jennifer today so I decided to dive straight in and research and create a list of vintage clothing websites (based off of Ashley's video) and the maximum sizes they offer...that way if any of you out there are like me you don't have to endure what I did.  (Falling in love with a dress to only find out that it would come to a dead stop trying to make it over one's lovely lady lumps).  While researching I did find a match made in heaven at Sourpuss Clothing...the Out to Sea dress, they may be one of the many reasons I have a fear of the sea...but yay for giant killer octopus' on dresses! (oh...and side note:  this is my first vintage repro clothing online purchase)

For the sizes listed below I based it on a dress that was listed on the site.  Often even on the same website sizes vary so please be sure to always check the sizing charts.  

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/changes that can be made to the list!

Daddy O's:  Most go up to 3X, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average a 3X measures B46/W38.
Pin Up Girl Clothing:  Highest size is 2X, the site allows you to search by size which is nice, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average a 2X measures B44.5-45/W36-37.5
My Baby Jo:  Highest size is 3X, but not as large of a selection as some of the other sites, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average a 3X measures B44/W36/H46
Mode Merr: Everything comes in sizes up to 3X (B46/W38/H49)
Bernie Dexter Clothing:  Only goes up to XL (B40/W32/H42)
Bettie Page Clothing:  Highest size is 4X (4X sizing is not on the website, measurements for 3X are B42-45/W34-38.5/H46-49)
Heartbreaker Fashion:  Highest size is 2X (B46-48/W36-37/H48-50)
Miss Hussy:  Highest size is 3X, but its sizing is smaller (B45/W36/H48)
The Red Dolly (swimsuits):  Highest size is a large (B37-39/W28-30/H38-40)
Sourpuss Clothing:  Highest size is a 2X, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average measurements for 2X are B40/W40-42.
Le Bomb Shop:  Highest size is a XL, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average measurements for XL are B36-42/W28-38.
Vintage Suits by Mary (swimsuits & playsuits):  Highest size is XL, but custom sizing is available upon request (B40.5-43.5/W32.5-35.5/H43-46)
Vivien of Holloway:  Highest size is XL (B44-46/W36-38/H48-50)
Heyday Clothing:  Highest size is XL (B42-47/W34-38/H44-48)
Revamp Vintage:  Highest size is XL, but made to measure is available (B40/W32/H42)
Nicole Katherine Designs:  Some go up to 26W (B52/W44/H55)
Blue Velvet Vintage:  Some go up to XL (B42/W38/H46)
Candy Violet:  Highest size is 2X, they do custom orders as well (B42/W36/H45)
Big Beautiful Barbara Brown:  Highest measurements are B46/W38/H48
Freddies of Pinewood:  Highest measurements are W38/H48
Tara Starlet:  Highest size is 16 (B42/W33/H42)
Whirling Turban:  Highest waist size is a 42, they do custom made orders
Queen of Heartz:  Highest size is 3X (B44/W36/H46)
Tarantula Clothing:  Has a curvy gals section with sizes 1X to 5X (B54), don't get too excited they have only two items (very cute but again...only two)
Mod Cloth:  I’ve not seen higher than a 3X, sizing varies so check the size charts.  On average a 3X measures B46-57/W40/H50 (type plus in the search box to shift through the massive amount of dresses)
Shabby Apple:  Highest size is a XL (B41-42/W33-35/H43-45)

Can't wait for more?  Then check out my Weekly Blog:  Veggie Girl Eats Out for my review of Sweet Art in St. Louis, MO.  Click here to vieVeggie Girl Eats Out! 

Have you purchased from any of these stores and if so, what was your experience?  Do you have a favorite dress?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

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    Probably not something you should add to the list but more for you! I love this woman.She will even make things from drawings or pictures.I have had SO much repro done by her and its so reasonably priced.Plus its custom! What more could a vintage curvy girl ask for?

  2. @Irmgard Fury
    Thanks Doll! :D She has some amazing dresses on her site...I'm definately going to have to order something from her, after the holidays when I have a fuller wallet of course! :D

  3. Thank you for this great list! I'm often on the search for vintage inspired clothing and find it hard to fit my curvy frame!